At Hope for Justice we want to resource the professional bodies that work day-in-day-out with potential victims of Human Trafficking.
This section aims to be a continual resource for in-depth information, every area is downloadable and printer friendly.

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Dear friends

What a year we’re having! The team and I are already preparing for Hope Conference 2014 with great expectancy. We’re going to have so much fantastic news to share with you this September!

If you haven’t made it to a Hope Conference yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! This is our annual prayer event, a massive weekend for our supporters to gather together and celebrate the past 12 months and pray into the year ahead. It’s an incredibly powerful time when we stand together for the freedom of slaves in our nation and see change happen.

September will be here before you know it, so book in now, book in your friends and passionately commit to join myself and the whole Hope for Justice team at Hope Conference. We can’t wait to see you – it’s going to be awesome!

All the best until then,

ben cooley signiture-1

Ben Cooley, CEO






Join Ben Cooley and the Hope for Justice Team for an incredible, all-new tour experience all about ALL YOU ARE. We’ll be raising up a generation to fight injustice as we take our message and some great music on the road and come to a city near you. Find out what you add up to in God’s vision of justice. We can’t wait to see you on the PLUS YOU TOUR!




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Hope Sunday is an annual event that equips and encourages the church to take action against human trafficking. It’s a celebration of the victims rescued and lives restored. It’s a reminder that God’s Kingdom is built on a foundation of justice. Our prayer is for God to use you to raise awareness about this issue and to inspire others to join the rescue mission of Hope for Justice.

When is Hope Sunday?

The event officially takes place on Fathers’ Day (UK) each year, which is the third Sunday in June. However, you are free to arrange the event for whatever works best for your church.

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