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News Articles
  • 6 Assisted in June

    Hope for Justice Assist 6 Victims in June

    Hope for Justice Investigators from Emma’s Hub assisted 6 modern day slaves in June. These were men and women who were victims of forced labour or sexual exploitation. They’re now free and safe because your fundraising, volunteering and donations makes the work of our specialist investigators, survivor support officers and lawyers possible. Help us make more rescues – start your own fundraising campaign.
  • House of Commons

    Slavery Bill Introduced in the Commons

    The Modern Slavery Bill was introduced in the House of Commons on June 10th 2014.
    The UK Govt said, “The bill would provide law enforcement with stronger tools to stamp out modern slavery, ensure slave drivers can receive suitably severe punishments and enhance protection of and support for victims”. Hope for Justice CEO Ben Cooley said, “this a moment for us all to mark; the whole team at Hope for Justice are eager to see legislation passed that can help us change the lives of modern day slaves for the better and for the long term”.
  • Archbishop & Pope

    Pope & Archbishop Commit To Fighting Trafficking

    The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury committed their churches this month to work more closely in the fight against “the grave evil of human trafficking”. Their joint project aims to persuade 50 multi-national companies to render their supply chains free of slavery by 2020. They’re also seeking 162 countries to publicly endorse their campaign and get the G20 to adopt an anti-slavery initiative. “Church leaders and church communities have the power to end modern slavery in their hands”, said Gareth Russell, Hope for Justice Director of Church Partnerships. Find out how your church can help combat trafficking.
  • Ian Deakin

    Zoe Challenge Heroes: Ian Deakin

    Supporters across the UK have been pulling out all the stops to raise money for our pioneering rescue work. Despite a chronic back condition and five operations in the last eight months, Ian Deakin fearlessly drove 10 kilometres on his mobility scooter. Ian said, “I had never heard of anyone doing anything like this. I just wanted to raise as much money as possible for this very worthwhile cause because any amount of money was better off than what they started off with”. Sponsor Ian or invent your own fundraiser.

  • Abby mini

    Zoe Challenge: Get Set, GO!

    When we recorded Hope News there were 65 walks taking place now there’s 74! You little legends! If you’re a fundraiser then YOU ARE THE HERO in this story. Have fun walking this month (and all summer) and when it comes to asking for sponsorship BE BOLD! Every pound works hard to free men, woman and children from crushing exploitation. Zoe Challengers, let’s get out there! It’s not too late to start your own challenge, find out how.
  • zoes-hub

    Zoe’s Hub Is Live – Hear from our new Team Leader

    In May we deployed our second Regional Investigative Hub – Zoe’s Hub. Funded by our community of supporters, Zoe’s Hub puts our second team of investigators on the ground in the Midlands. Hear from our new Investigations Team Leader about stepping up the fight against trafficking in the heart of the UK.
  • HugeNews

    Hope Conference 26-27 Sept 2014 – Early Bird £35

    Each year we hold an incredible prayer conference for our supporters in the church. Hope Conference 2014 is going to be unmissable with huge news to announce, a chance to meet the team, time with friends, great live music and victims’ stories from a year full of firsts. Early Bird rate until June 1 = £35 incl. entry on both days, lunch, teas and coffees. BOOK ME IN!
  • AFJlogoHNmini

    ACTFORJUSTICE Regional Coordinators: A Grassroots Success

    Starting this May, 10 volunteer Regional Coordinators are joining the ACTFORJUSTICE Team to grow and develop our 120 community groups. “We want to build ideas and community as we fight together to end slavery. Our Regional Coordinators are so approachable and so fun, they’ve been ACTFORJUSTICE  Group Leaders so they know how to help. Each one will support the efforts of up to 10 local groups.” – Phoebe, Community Action Coordinator. Find out about ACTFORJUSTICE.
  • conviction

    2 Convicted after Joint Hope for Justice and Police Investigation

    After months of investigation from Hope for Justice and West Yorkshire police, Janos Orsos (43) and Ferenc Illes (25) were sentenced at Teesside Crown Court to 5 and 3 years in prison. One of the victims rescued by Hope for Justice shares their story in this month’s Hope News. Read the full story of Operation Tavernhouse.


  • spotting-signs

    Frontline Workers Receive Human Trafficking Training

    Awareness training was rolled out to workers in Yorkshire & Humberside. The Regional Homelessness Forum was attended by representatives from local authorities across the region. Awareness is half the battle for such a complex and misunderstood crime. Hope for Justice is getting the right information to the right people. Help our team identify victims.
  • legalaid

    Legal Aid Fundraising Update

    Proposed amendments to the law will strip some victims of the opportunity to challenge negative decisions on critical issues. For a crime as widely misunderstood as human trafficking it’s vital that we can help victims challenge a decision that says they aren’t trafficked. You can help us keep that avenue open by writing to your MP using a template letter. Want to help?
  • Housing

    18 Survivors Saved from Homelessness

    We’re celebrating with our amazing aftercare staff who managed to secure housing for 18 rescued victims of slavery who faced homelessness right before Christmas. Rescue is a process not an event, find out how you can be part of it.
Stephen Fry photo

Stephen Fry — Actor & Comedian

“Hope for Justice are incredible. Fighting the crime of human trafficking at its source. Rescuing the victims and bringing perpetrators to justice. They truly are modern day abolitionists.”

quote @stephenfry


Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls — Adventurer & Television Personality

“Hope for Justice are doing incredibly brave and life saving work, reaching out to some of the most vulnerable people trapped in horrific situations. That’s the reality of modern day slavery in the UK and we want it to end. Now.”

quote @BearGrylls


kirsty gallacher

Kirsty Gallacher — Television Presenter

“It’s heart-breaking to hear the stories of the people who have fallen victim to human trafficking. Thank goodness for Hope for Justice who are rescuing these men, women and children. Let us stand with them in their fight for freedom!”

quote @TheRealKirstyG


justin welby

Justin Welby — Archbishop of Canterbury

“Trafficking in human beings is one of the greatest scandals and tragedies of our age. I am encouraged to see that Hope for Justice is drawing so many together to speak out and act against this injustice… the world urgently needs to wake up to the scale of human trafficking that is modern day slavery.”

quote @ABCJustin